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PIE IN THE SKY, Blue Hill Fair, Part 3


Episode 14


Let's join The Heartfelt Family as they travel to 'Vacationland' to
spend a month on the Shores of Little Dear Isle, Maine.

From almost anywhere in the Country, if you set your compass
Northeast, you will eventually arrive at The Great State of Maine.


( Episode 14)

It would be a mistake to view a Country Fair as just somewhere to go to
be amused and maybe eat some fried dough. It has greater breadth than
that. It is a place where years of hard work and dreams can be realized
or smashed like a Autumn pumpkin. Cattle and sheep are lovingly
cared for all year to be judged, hopefully as Best of Show. Oxen are
trained to pull enormous loads, home bakers try to perfect that recipe
and many a chair rocks with her best knitting...
All to have a chance at a ribbon and recognition for a job well done.
Let's find out what the Heartfelt's are up to....

Red had read goodnight stories from E.B. White's, Charlotte's Web to
all her children, so she wants to make sure that they visit the exhibit.
Daddy B.B. is still smarting from not winning that bear and it's a bit
painful to pull out his wallet to buy a stuffed Wilbur for Red. TOO BAD
Daddy B.B., remember, it's not how hard you swing, you've gotta 'RING THE BELL'.

Red is delighted with her Wilbur and Daddy B.B. bought a
Charlotte Spider to keep Wilbur company.

All Blue Ribbons are not the same. Sure, it's great to get a ribbon for the
perfect flower, and Yah, being first in the Tractor Pull is impressive.
But, the Blue Ribbon that commands the most respect, hands down, is
Pie Eating.
The Winter's are long in Maine and around countless wood stoves
stories are told and retold about the fierce competition and bitter
rivalries. A Champ is a Champ and from Quoddy Head to Kittery
Foreside, slices of pie are offered out of praise and respect to that person
who brings home the Blue Ribbon.

You never know who you're up against at a Pie Eating Contest.
Some guys are training to start climbing the ladder of pie success .
Others are hoping to turn 'Pro' with a few more victories and then
there's Yello Hoodie Boy who heard there's free pie available and
HE'S HUNGRY. They are all seated waiting for the Ref's whistle.
Front and center is 'Crusty' Dumbrosky, the fearsome two time
winner. They call him the "Bottomless Pit" and after this victory
is under his belt he's off to Bangor to compete in the State
Championship. Don't be so confident, Crusty.

THEY'RE OFF...and almost immediately Crusty is calling foul on
Yello Hoodie's technique. He's never seen it before, but the Ref
says it's legal. Hey Crusty, stop complaining and instead stuff your
trap with pie.
Hmmmm...... I wonder where Yello Hoodie learned that move.
It's a good thing Red made him wear that garbage bag.

It's Yello Hoodies responsibility to feed Bonz The Dog.
Bonz goes full immersion and dives in nose first. He's always
finished wicked fast. Yello Hoodie is a quick study and who knew
 that Bonz technique would come in handy some day?

A New Champion is Hailed.

One last ride for The Heartfelt's, the Roller Coaster.
 After all that pie, Red has Yello Hoodie sit in the last car......Just in case.

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(Episode 13)


Let's join The Heartfelt Family as they travel to 'Vacationland' to
spend a month on the Shores of Little Dear Isle, Maine.

From almost anywhere in the Country, if you set your compass Northeast,
you will eventually arrive at The Great State of Maine.



Part 2

It's not that they're so valuable, they are certainly not,
what they are to many are cute, cuddly and at a fair,
definitely a great gift to win. So, from Eastport, Maine
to San Diego everyone at every carnival or fair wants to win
one for their special someone.

Steamer is soooo grateful to Yello Hoodie and Hootie that he buys a
whole bunch of ride tickets for the kids, including a spin for the big kids
on the awesome 'Global Whiplash' ride. While they ride, Steamer treats
 Hoodie and Lil'Miss Candydrop to all the ice cream they want.
Yello Hoodie is feeling pretty good, He's usually in the Doghouse for
something or other, so it's especially nice to be recognized for something positive.
If only he can keep it up.
WOW....This Whiplash ride is way COOL.

Afterwards, Daddy B.B. has found himself a 'Man Challenge'...
He's determined to win that cute bear for his Sweetie, Red. He
totally has his game face on, even Yello Hoodie thinks it will be a
piece of cake.He goes with Daddy B.B. to the dump ( excuse me,
The Recycling Center) where he has seen him toss those garbage bags.

UH OH.... Looks like Daddy B.B. came up a bit short.
I think his ego is a little bruised. The girls are trying to cheer him up.
Yello Hoodie can't believe it......What happened ?
Only H. Lo is in deep thought....
Let's see what's going on in her head.

H. Lo gets upset when kids make fun of her for attending an Alternative
High School, they call it a 'Hippie School ' where the kids study
grasshoppers. She loves her education and YES, at times they do
study grasshoppers along with the rest of nature in Professor Widgit's,
Outdoor Nature Science class. It's one of her favorites. There she is with
The Grapeheart Twins as Professor Widget teaches how certain creatures
can carry far more than their own weight....
and he explains how they do it.

In her Martial Arts Ju-Jitsu class she learns to use her opponents
energy and weight against them. It's not always how strong you are.

So, she decides to give it a try. She's learned to center
her 'kundalini ' in Yoga class, so she draws on all of her inner
powers and....WINS THE BEAR.
But wait, if the prize is to go to someone special....

It looks like they have found that Special Person and
Lil' Miss Candy Drop could not be happier.
She'll have no problem lifting that bear.

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Episode 12


Let's join The Heartfelt Family as they travel to 'Vacationland'
to spend a month on the Shores of Little Dear Isle, Maine.

From almost anywhere in the Country, if you set you compass
Northeast, you will eventually arrive at The Great State of Maine.




His name is Wilbur and he comes from a long line of Wilburs,
all Blue Ribbon Winners.
Let's drop in on The Heartfelt's  as they are heading for
The Blue Hill Fair. They have just pulled over in front of a very important house.

Red has her Blue Guide Book out and points to the house and barn
on Herrick Bay. It was once owned by E.B. White and his wife,
Katherine, famous writers from New York City. He wrote a well
known children's book about a pig named Wilbur and a spider  whose
name was Charlotte, Charlotte's Web.

The Heartfelt's arrive at The Blue Hill Fairgrounds. It is a
beautiful day and it's really crowded.

Lil' Miss Candy Drop makes a beeline straight for the rides, her
favorite part. All the kids jump on the Merry-Go-Round, even
Yello Hoodie is riding a pink rabbit.

Every year, a bunch of old hippies come down from the hills to
work a Fried Onion Truck. Man, are they good. People come to
the Fair just to eat these onions. As you can see, Daddy B.B.
and Yello Hoodie can't resist those Golden Rings.

Yello Hoodie stops by 'Dunk Tank' to read the rules
( Yes, he can read) and notices that his buddy, Steamer O'Day
is on the seat.
    1. Each Celebrity 'Dunkee 'gets The Seat for one hour.
2. Each 'Dunkee' donates $100. before the day begins
               3. If and when a 'Dunkee' gets dunked, the entire  Jackpot goes
 to his or her favorite Charity

WOW, That must be a lot of Prize Money  to donate to a Charity.
Yello Hoodie realizes that Steamer's hour is almost over...
He has to help him out.... But how?
Yello Hoodie has a plan, but he must act fast....
He's gotta dunk his buddy Steamer.

Ah, he finds Hoodie The Sports Guy and manages to scrape enough
change to get Hoodie one throw. Hoodie's just out of Baseball
Camp and is in great shape.
Steamer's favorite Charity is The Dear
Isle Fisherman's Wives Association and he'd better win that Jackpot,
his wife is this year's Honorary Chairperson and he doesn't want a
week of cold suppers.
Hoodie's going to throw his best pitch, the Fastball...
I hope it hits.


Attaboy Hoodie.....You too Yello Hoodie Boy.

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WIN ME.....The Blue Hill Fair, Part 2

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episode 11


Let's join The Heartfelt Family as they travel to 'Vacationland'
to spend a month on the Shore of Little Dear Isle, Maine.

From almost anywhere in the Country, if you set your
compass Northeast, you will eventually  arrive at
the Great State of Maine.



episode 11

It's not a color, mood or even a fish....
It's the indigenous fruit of the State of Maine,
the wild  Low Bush Blueberry, full of extraordinary
good stuff. It ripens in August, just in time for the
Heartfelt Kids to start picking, but sometimes there can be
too much of a good thing.

A Notice taken from the Dear Isle Gazette.

Lucas Allen of Allen Blueberries, Inc. reported to the
Dear Isle Police that an amazing amount of Blueberries
were unaccounted for out of his Dear Isle field.
Police have released the following photo and will only
say that the Yellow Gentleman is a 'person of interest'.
If you have any information you are urged to call the
Dear Isle Police, ask for Barney.

If guilt is ever written on a face (as well as blueberries). He claims
Bonz The Dog ate them.

Ah... It looks like it is going to be a nice day
for the start of The Blue Hill Fair.

The girls know that there will be a lot of tempting junk food at
the fair, so they decide to have a healthy breakfast of granola,
milk and of course, blueberries. Yello Hoodie declines, he's sort
of lost his taste for blueberries and he didn't sleep well after his
'meeting' with Officer Barney. Hey, who's to blame the kid?
There's nothing like eating blueberries straight off the bush.
Anyway, Daddy B.B., Red and Lil'Miss have gone to pick up
Hootie from camp, then Daddy B.B. has to stop by
 Allen Blueberries, Inc. to settle a few things

The girls want to share their recipe for Granola and
Red has a couple of 'secrets' to reveal from her famous
Blueberry Muffins.

H.Lo and Pink found this  *recipe on line. It's really good.
It comes from a fancy New York City restaurant, Eleven Madison Park,
who gives their patrons a gift bag of granola after dinner.
For what they charge...they should.

Years ago, before she was married, Marge lived in Boston.
Besides going to school she had a part time job at the
Jordon Marsh Department Store, where she was a gift wrapper,
as they say, "easy work is hard to find."
Well, Red, looking through her cookbooks, found this recipe for
Jordon Marsh's famous Blueberry Muffins and it comes with two 'secrets'.
So, set your Decoder Ring and try it out.


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Recipe makes 12 muffins.

Cream butter and sugar together. Add eggs one at a time and mix well.
Add baking powder, salt and vanilla. Add flour and milk alternatively.
Here's one secret, mash one half cup of blueberries and stir into
mixture, then by hand stir in remaining blueberries.
Scoop batter into prepared muffin tins. The other secret is to
 generously sprinkle sugar on top of each. Bake for 30 minutes.


* Granola Recipe- Eleven Madison Park, NYC.
( with additions of Dried Blueberries and Sliced Almonds)

Next week... The Blue Hill Fair

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Episode 10


Lets join the Heartfelt Family as they travel to 'Vacationland' to
spend a month on the Shore of Little Dear Isle, Maine.

From almost anywhere in the Country, if you set your compass
Northeast, you will eventually end up at The Great State of Maine.


Episode 10

There is so much water around them that The Heartfelt's decide to explore The Bay,
plus the girls want to take their kayaks out. Daddy B.B has been told that they can
charter a boat and Captain for the day at Buck's Harbor Marine,
just ask for Captain Pete.

"Quicker than a Seagull', they are on the water with Captain Pete.
He knows every island and is setting his course for a group of
islands that will be perfect for kayaking and getting ashore. It is an
unwritten rule that when you are sailing, you can have as many
snacks as you want, and Daddy B.B. is all over that and has made sure
that they are well stocked after a visit to the Bucks Harbor Market.

Between Butter and Bear Island lie the Barred Islands. At High Tide
the Barred's are a group of little islands roughly forming a ring, but,
at Low Tide a continuous sand bar ( thusly, Barred) connects them.
The Lagoon that is created in the center is perfect for anchoring a boat
and of course, kayaking.

While the others go ashore with Captain Pete, H. Lo and Pink
take their kayaks out for a spin. The water is a beautiful Aquamarine,
 and look...seals, and WOW, a couple of dolphins.
They can't see those in the Heartdale River.

Once ashore, Yello Hoodie immediately goes exploring  and finds
a treasure, a lobster trap. He brings Captain Pete and Daddy B.B.
over and Captain Pete ID's the trap by the colors of the buoy as
belonging to Horace Wardwell's father, Virgil. The trap is the old
fashion half round and he thinks it probably was hung up on a ledge
for decades until a storm blew it off, anyway, Virgil stopped fishing
years ago. He and Sophia are living in Florida, so the trap is Yello  Hoodie's.
Yello Hoodie is so excited. What a show and tell piece at school and
it will look good in his room.

While Lil'Miss Candy Drop busy's herself building sandcastles,
Yello Hoodie wants to do some snorkeling. Daddy B.B. will
stand and watch him, he's trying to remember what Captain Pete
was saying when he mentioned the Labrador Current.

OUCH ........
His ankles have gone numb.

The poor kid just can't warm up.
 The coldest he has ever been is when he eats
ice cream too fast. Lil' Miss is poring warm sand on his feet...
good idea. Get those blankets on him.

The tide is coming in so it's time to return home.
Captain Pete catches a nice on shore breeze and heads
back to Buck's Harbor....with an extra passenger....
a lobster trap.

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Downeast Blues

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