Wednesday, May 17, 2017

HIGH NOON (episode 5)

Where every day feels like Saturday,
every night is Friday night.

Episode 5




Burger Heaven

It's getting close to noon so Daddy B.B. decides to treat everyone and go to the
Drive-In for lunch. Burger Heaven is one of those retro - 50's era joints, but they
make the best burgers around. Even Hello Hoodie Girl (who, of course, is vegetarian)
loves the veggie burger...and then there's those fries!

After lunch its time for a ride in the country. Daddy B.B. knows all the roads around Heartdale Falls
and he finds a back country road that will lead to a favorite spot. Its time to sing all the 
Country Road songs they know......
Maybe it's best not to listen too closely! 

Farmer Dave runs the best fresh produce stand around. There he is giving the kids a ride
with his tractor. He could sell the land to Developers and make a lot of money, but he
says that farming is in his blood. Red Polka Dot Girl is buying fresh corn. There's company coming for dinner tonight.
Daddy B.B. has to rush off to the Baseball game, Hootie The Sports Guy is there watching
Grey Hoodie Boy at batting practice.

Red Polka Dot Girl just needs to pick up a 'few things' at the market. In the frozen
food aisle she runs into Julie and Little Jo-Jo. Lil' Miss Candy Drop and 
Jo-Jo go to the same  pre-school and are great friends!
I hope she has picked up enough stuff for dinner!

Now about that ball game........

To be continued.

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