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Heartdale Falls

Where Every Day Feels Like Saturday
Every Night Is Friday Night

(Episode 9)



The afternoon is marching on and Red Polka Dot Girl wants all hands on deck to help prepare tonight's feast. She's about to put a gorgeous ham in the oven and Pink Polka Dot Girl is at the stove stirring some delicious stuff. Even though Hello Hoodie Girl is a Vegetarian, she's not worried. She's  making her Knock Out Sweet Potato Casserole and since shucking corn is second nature to everybody in Heartdale Falls..It's Yello Hoodie Boy's job. Bonz The Dog is still waiting  for something to drop on the floor.....then it's his.

The Heartfelts set an amazing table, lights are dimmed, extra chairs are added and the best china and stemware comes out. You are never too small to help, there's Lil' Miss Candydrop bringing the napkins and OH, those flowers are beautiful.

At five thirty the family arrives led by Grammy Beebe and Grandpa Weeze. Hootie is thrilled that Grey Hoodie Boy has come in his uniform.....he's a STAR now.
Red Polka Dot Girl is hugging Yello Polka Dot Girl ( they are sisters if you don't know, and yes, Yello Polka Dot Girl is Yello Hoodies mom). 
Oh, Oh, there's Uncle Monty, I hope they keep him out of the liquor cabinet, we don't want a repeat of what happened last year.....
Ummm, I wonder what Grammy Beebe brought?

First, a welcoming Toast.......To family and friends.

It's finally time to sit down for Supper. Red Polka Dot Girl is bringing in the festive ham embellished with pineapple, cherries and cloves. It looks delicious and she looks stunning.
She's asked Daddy B.B. to set up a carving station.
Everybody is taking pictures and it looks like Yello Hoodie Boy has started in on his corn...well, he did shuck it.

And just who was coming to supper you wonder ?

So, that's what she brought with her. Boy, it looks real good.
Ummm....maybe I'll try just one slice.... O.M.G....Could you please pass the ice cream?

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