Monday, July 10, 2017

BEDTIME STORIES.......The Heartfelts


( Episode 10)


Heartdale Falls

Where Every Day Feels Like Saturday
Every Night Is Friday Night

(Episode 10)



In days of yore and all through time there has always been a Daddy B.B and Red Polka Dot Girl.

After the last bit of ham has been torn off the bone and the last marshmallow
has been picked from the sweet potato casserole and there's simply no
cherry pie left, the Greater Heartfelt family has come to grips with the fact 
that it's time to go home. It's been a great party but tomorrow is another busy day, so,
as the moon shines over Heartdale Falls, the family makes its way to the car and  home.
Daddy B.B. only hopes there's enough ham left for tomorrow's
breakfast of ham and eggs.

After the kitchen has been cleaned, it's time for a little TV, but
soon enough they all pass out.

Before turning in, Red Polka Dot Girl wants to check the email.
Hoodie The Sports Guy is going to spend a month at Baseball Camp in Maine where 
Grey Hoodie Boy is a counselor. Wouldn't it be a blast to rent a cottage in Maine 
while Hootie is in camp? So she has written to Marge Grindle, a friend of her mother's 
who lives near the Baseball Camp on Little Dear Isle, Maine.
Oh good..... She's replied.
It says,

Dear Red Polka Dot Girl,

   It was so nice to hear from you. How is your mother? I hope
all is well and give my best to her. It's been ages since I've seen her. I am very happy that you want to spend a month here in Maine with your family. It just so happens that Basil and I must spend a
couple of months with his mother in Florida. 
She is recovering from a fall and we want to make sure she feels well. 
That means our 'Summer House' at Sylvester Cove will be available during August.
 It's small ( 2 bedrooms) but cute as a button and it's on the shore. 
We would love it if you and your family could stay there.....Any interest?

                                          All my best oxox

Well, of course they are interested. Red Polka Dot Girl has the kids jump in
bed for a bedtime story. One of the kid's favorite books is 
One Morning In Maine, by Robert McCloskey.
Red Polka Dot Girl is more than happy to read it to them because it was her favorite book when she was a little girl.

After story time and the kids are tucked into their beds, it's finally time
for some much needed sleep.
Good Night everybody, maybe we'll see you all in Maine.


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